Palaamon is a high performance computing environment to distribute jobs on a cluster of computers.

Palaamon enables to reproduce workflows of analysis using well tagged module containers. It traces all events of an analysis and will soon (upon decision of the user) enable to put them into a distributed ledger (Blockchain).

Palaamon will provide the user who wants to reproduce an analysis a final similarity score based an all tree of hashes (Merkle trees) calculated through out the process.

Palaamon will enable any developer, statistician or data scientist (coding R, Scala, Java, Python, C++, etc.) to publish her code to its market and get financially rewarded based on the use of the given code.

Every worker container, the code it runs and all its dependencies will be kept in Palaamon's registry to ensure ultimate reproducibility.

Palaamon proof of concept is completed. It is currently in alpha release. Its first productive release is planned for end of 2019.

We plan to deploy the Palaamon marketplace by mid-2020.

Its first release is expected at the end of 2019. However, an alpha version can already be seen here.

We have published a Palaamon White Paper that gives extensive information about the project.

We will soon give access to its entire Bitbucket repository.