We take the Pain out of Data Science

Use your Data Science Resources Wisely

Pharmaceutical Research and Development requires stable, reproducible processes for large and complex data sets.

Yet any variation in the operating system or software, even security updates, can negatively affect reproducibility.

Most data analyses are impossible to reproduce!

Thousands of Data Scientists spend their time configuring and re-configuring the software, instead of doing the science!

It's frictionless, it’s transparent, it’s reproducible

Palaamon is a new cloud-native platform that streamlines and speeds the process of analyzing complex data sets thanks to cutting-edge containerization and distributed ledger technologies.

Palaamon provides an environment which enables frictionless deployment of complex analysis modules written in any kind of programming language.

Palaamon elegantly solves the thorny problems of transparency and reproducibility, crucial for Pharmaceutical Research and Development.

With Palaamon, Data Scientists spend >90% of their time on Data Science!