Great Software for Great Results

Transparent, Reproducible & Frictionless Data Analysis

We are developing a new platform, Palaamon, that streamlines and speeds up the process of analyzing complex datasets using cutting-edge containerization and distributed ledger technologies.

Palaamon's technology finally solves the thorny problem of reproducibility, crucial for Pharmaceutical Research and Development.

Until now original research has been difficult to reproduce, and thus verify, because any variation in the original technical configuration can negatively affect reproducibility over time.

Palaamon enables full transparency, immutability, and reproducibility, no matter the user's technical setup.

Real-time Data for Research and Development

In most industries, R&D data come in constant streams from inside and outside of the organization.

Most of current software solutions stop the data streams to lock them into silos or old fashioned databases from which results should be extracted later on.

We take the problem upside-down. We build systems that can adapt and are able to connect themselves to data streams.

Our systems don't modify the data streams. They just route the data from the streams to the right processing engines.