LLAAMA solves the most challenging Data Processing Problems of the Biopharma Industry

Enable Better Medicines Faster and Smarter

Don't make compromises on innovation, engineering and quality.

We have embraced Cloud-Native engineering for years using the best available technology stack. LLAAMA builds SaaS, On-Premises, hybrid or cloud solutions using microservices, distributed jobs and distributed state.

Our solutions include quality compliance withouth bureaucratic overhead.

Get to know T2R2, our current platform for frictionless deployment, and transparent, traceable, replicable and reproducible data analysis.

We take the Pain out of Data Science

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Dive into the world of Transparency, Traceability, Replicability and Reproducibility (T2R2)

With the growing complexity of almost all data science processes these goals are more important than ever. But how can they be attained?

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Palaamon Architecture

How does Palaamon work?

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Coding an Ethereum smart contract

In this blog post, we are compiling a interesting insights we have developed by coding Ethereum smart contracts.

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High Demanding Distributed Cloud Native Systems

We write Cloud-Native solutions that can be deployed on any kind of infrastructure, whether private, public or hybrid.

Cloud-Native means not only deployed to the cloud but engineered for the cloud following Cloud-Native architecture principles.

Our systems will be available as pure SaaS solutions with pay-as-you-go models. We will always keep free versions for common good projects.

All our platforms are developed as coordinated microservices. Subsets of these modules can be used to build fully tailored solutions for companies with very specific needs.


Frictionless Data Analysis Modules Deployment

Deploying complex biopharma data analysis pipelines in the cloud is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Making sure the best node is used for a defined module with a specific data set can be challenging. While some modules might need very powerful CPU, some GPU, others will run best with 500 GB of RAM.

Data transfers through out complex workflows might also soon become difficult. We use last generation containers, cloud orchestration, optimized data colocation and transfer, and AI modules learning from thousands of historical runs enabling continuous improvement of the processing pipelines.

Workflows become faster, more reliable and are consumming less resources.


Reactive Platforms

We develop software following the Reactive Manifesto principles.

Our systems are responsive, resilient, elastic, message driven, and composed of coordinated Microservices that can easily evolve over time.

They are build on top of the most powerful and mature technology stack currently available, the Akka platform.


Transparent, Traceable, Replicable and Reproducible

Biopharma Data Science results cannot easily be reproduced!

It might seem strange as it’s all about mathematics, but it is a well documented fact.

Producing a Yes or No decision for a drug, a vaccine or a device for one patient or thousands implies running millions lines of code written in many different programming languages.

The smallest change in a single step can have huge impacts making results not reproducible.

We take transparency to its deepest ground. The code execution becomes its own mathematical proof.

We call it T2R2 by design!


Quality and Compliance

Health Regulations, Compliance, Validation, 21 CFR Part 11, GxP, etc. are considered complicated, but not for us.

We have been leading teams building Agile but compliant systems for more than 20 years.

We have developed a unique approach of pragmatic and compliant software engineering.

Thus, all our platforms and solutions can easily bridge the gaps between research and development.


Fast Data Streaming and Digital-twins

Digital-twins map physical objects (IoTs, wearables, sensors, etc.) to autonomous software agents.

These agents run in the cloud and interact with their physical counterparts. Data can then be streamed in all directions.

Using modern data streaming and reactive technologies combined with digital-twins enable a whole range of new applications like Predictive Maintenance, real-time AI/ML, Simulation, etc.

These new approaches will radically improve and accelerate data processing in all industries.

We build high performance data streaming and digital-twins platforms tailored to any specific industry.