Who we are?

The team behind llaama


llaama brings Reactive and Distributed Software Architectures to R&D in Companies dealing with Big Amounts of Data.

With its own tools and modules, llaama enables Transparent and Reproducible Data Science with Evidences eventually put into Distributed Ledgers.

At llaama:

  • We have a lot of experiences in industries producing big amounts of data like the Pharmarceutical industry or Banking.

  • We know how to build fully reactive systems in Scala using Frameworks like Akka, Spark, Kafka or Cassandra on top of Mesos/DCOS and Kubernetes.

  • We have also a lot of experience with frontend technologies like React, Ember, etc.

  • If you need help in your Reactive projects, let us know!


who is running llaama

Bernard Deffarges

Bernard Deffarges

I'm a software architect. I'm specializing in designing Reactive applications written in Scala and using frameworks like Akka, Spark, Kafka, etc. I'm also doing React frontend programming. At llaama, I'm responsible for the architecture and the programming of Palaamon and Maarlin.

Damien Hauser

Damien Hauser

I'm a network engineer. I'm specializing in building complex architectures in private and public clouds. At llaama, I'm responsible for designing all aspects of the DC/OS and Kubernetes Reactive infrastucture for Palaamon and Maarlin.