Knoldus Inc.

Knoldus engineers digital systems with a product mindset to deliver an objective competitive advantage to the business. We modernize enterprises through cutting-edge digital engineering by leveraging Functional programming and fast data ecosystem. Our mission is to provide cloud-native, reactive and streaming fast data solutions that are message-driven, elastic, resilient, and responsive. Knoldus is fortified by an expansive network of certified strategic partners like Lightbend (Scala ecosystem), IBM, Datastax (Cassandra and Graph ecosystem), Confluent (Kafka ecosystem) and Databricks (Spark in the Big Data space); helps enterprise clients – including many Fortune 500 companies – to create the next-generation capabilities that set them apart and create new opportunities. With a team of 115+ seasoned experts, Knoldus is headquartered in Canada with delivery centers in Chicago, New Delhi, Noida, and Singapore.


Lightbend is the company behind open source technologies like Scala, Akka, Play & Lagom.

Modern frameworks built in Scala include Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and Apache Flink.

Lightbend drove the move to Reactive Systems, the architectural foundation for true cloud native applications.

Lightbend’s customers are Global 2000 enterprises developing custom applications, especially those investing in digital transformation, real-time business processes, IoT, mobile business and application modernization.


QAS AG offers substantiated knowledge and concrete experiences in the implementation of current requirements of EMA, FDA and Swissmedic within the realms of GCP, GDP and GMP.


Recordins build DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) Applications in Java to provide guaranteed traceability to Data in any kind of industry.